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Upcoming Webinars

Wednesday, April 8 @ 11am EDT

Turning the Corner on Teaching Creativity: Transforming Common Knowledge into Creative Potentialwith Jeremy Siskind

Tuesday, April 14 @ 11am EDT

Wellness Panel with Rachel Gates, Heath Malyuk, Serap Bastepe-Gray, moderated by James Litzleman

Friday, April 17 @ 11am EDT

Teach, Breathe, Move, Repeat: Tips for Physical Wellness during a Pandemicwith Laura Amoriello, Lesley McAllister, and Paola Savidou

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Webinar Replays

Replay: Monday, 3/16

Rapid Response for Studio Teachers: Resources to move your teaching online right away, and helpful strategies for the months ahead with Shana Kirk

Replay notes

Replay: Tuesday, 3/17

Town Hall Discussion: Strategies for Online Collegiate Class Piano with Michelle Conda, Diana Dumlavwalla, Barbara Fast, Andrea McAlister, & Stephen Pierce

Replay Notes Tips

Replay: Wednesday, 3/18

Striving for Excellence in Online Pedagogy: Characteristics of Expert Teachers Using the Video-Conferencing Format with Diana Dumlavwalla

Replay Notes

Replay: Thursday, 3/19

Teaching Elementary Students Online with Sara Ernst, Rebecca Pennington, and the faculty of the New School for Music Study.

Google Slides Template

Replay: Friday, 3/20

Teaching Advanced Students Online: with Stella Sick and João Paulo Casarotti

Notes Notes

Replay: Monday 3/23

Teaching Piano Online: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly with Alejandro Cremaschi and Cody Goetz

Replay Notes Video Playlist

Replay Tuesday, 3/24

Teaching via Video: How to Still be "You" with David Cartledge

Replay: Tuesday, 3/25

Town Hall Discussion: Navigating Mental Health and Resilience with Vanessa Cornett, Jessica Johnson, Noa Kageyama, & Julie Nagel
Replay Notes

Replay: Thursday, 3/26

Town Hall Discussion: Technology Tips with Mario Ajero, João Paolo Casarotti, Shana Kirk, George Litterst, and Stella Sick

Replay Equipment Student Setup

Replay: Friday, 3/27

Town Hall Discussion: Teaching Adults Online with Pamela Pike, Jackie Edwards-Henry, Rebecca Bellelo, Yeeseon Kwon, Timothy DePrey & Chris Madden.


Replay: Monday, 3/30

Town Hall Discussion: Effective Teaching in Challenging Times and Beyond with Jennifer Snow, Sara Ernst, Andrea McAlister, Pamela Pike, and Craig Sale


Replay: Tuesday, 3/31

Inclusive AND Online Lessons for Students who are Special Learners with Scott Price


Replay: Wednesday, 4/1

Do-It-Yourself: Creating Engaging Online Piano Lesson Videos with Mario Ajero


Replay: Thursday, 4/2

Answers for Successful Online Teaching of Elementary Group Lessons with Craig Sale, Sara Ernst, Amy Glennon, Rebecca Pennington, Allison Shinnick, and Angela Triandafillou



Resources recommended in our webinars and/or sourced by our Technology Task Force.

Bradley Sowash Music
Online jazz instruction, teacher enrichment
Brandon Bascomb YouTube
Combining technologies to teach piano and theory online
Classroom Maestro
Onscreen musical "blackboard" to demonstrate concepts in person or online
Interactive music for children and adults, many webinars available
File-sharing service
eNovative Piano
Online group piano curriculum
Digital Scores for tablets
Google Docs
File sharing and online documents for real-time collaboration
Home Concert Xtreme
Score-following software for MIDI files
Internet MIDI
Connect any two MIDI instruments over the Internet
IP WebCam
Lets you turn your Android device into a webcam
iPad and Technology in Music Ed
More advanced music technology blog for educators, good resource for finding discounts and promotional codes
Keys to Imagination
Games, curriculum resources, tech products and more
Creative teaching blog from Leila Viss 
Library of Congress Silent Film Shorts
Great resource for multimedia projects
Mac OS utility for routing audio to specific applications
MarioCast on YouTube 
YouTube channel by Mario Ajero with tutorials on creating and sharing video content, how-tos for students, and more
Midnight Music
K-12 focused blog / community for technology solutions
Musical Minds Online
Video lessons curriculum by Kristin Yost. Scale modules are free content
Online conference for piano pedagogy with replays available
K-12 focused music technology aggregator and music technology blog
Note-learning game app for iOS
Tim Topham's TopMusic.co
Teacher enrichment community with podcasts, webinars and courses
Piano Adventures Sight Reading Coach
Sight-reading app coordinating with Faber Piano Adventures
Piano Maestro
Game-style piano method for iPad
Piano Marvel
Digital scores app / online library with built-in assessment features
PianoTeachLearn LogoPianoTeachLearn
Facebook community available to Piano Magazine subscribers
Rhythm Lab
Customizable rhythm exercises and drills
Rode TRRS Mobile Mic
Mic for mobile devices, adaptor available to use multiple inputs
Roland Go: Livecast
Audio and video hub for streaming from a mobile device
SASR from Piano Marvel
Standard Assessment of Sight Reading--grades your sight reading skill and compares with others who have participated
SproutBeat Leap
Interactive music theory games with automatic scoring and teacher reports
Teach Piano Online
Online lessons blog and enrichment community by Sarah Lyngra
Popular video conferencing platform
Webinar Jam
Webinar hosting service used by Frances Clark Center
Popular video sharing platform

Helpful Info from Our Archives

Striving for Excellence in Online Piano Pedagogy: Characteristics of Expert Teachers Using the Video-Conferencing Format

​ During a recent tour at the Bell Homestead in my hometown of Brantford, Ontario, Canada, I came across an interesting fact. In 1876, Alexander Graham Bell set up a demonstration of his new invention, the telephone. He arranged for friends to play a melodeon and sing over a telephone line in order to show that sound could be transmitted over the t...
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Class Piano and COVID-19

In this unprecedented time of uncertainty around COVID-19, class piano instructors are faced with the daunting task of moving instruction online. Here are some tips from leading class piano teachers on how to make this transition. Organize your students:Assignments may take longer to complete at home. Have reasonable expectations of workload.G...
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Helpful Guidance for Piano Teachers During the COVID Crisis

In the uncertainty and confusion of the COVID-19 crisis, the music community faces unprecedented issues surrounding private and group instruction. As you consider what is best for your studio, we at the Frances Clark Center hope that you find this document helpful in your decision making and communication:Decision Making Helpful resources include t...
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Checking In: Mindful Body Awareness for Pianists

"You have pneumonia." It shouldn't have been a surprise. A cold reared its ugly head just as the school year started, but I had to push ahead. No daycare the week that classes start? Stay up late to write your syllabi! Feel like you might collapse? Those classes won't teach themselves! Been six weeks since you felt like yourself? It'll clear u...
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Teaching to Video—A New Pedagogical Experience

Did you enjoy this webinar?Please complete our brief survey to help us improve our webinar series and continue to bring you the highest quality resources in piano teaching.

Keep Your Cell Phone Out: Technology that Transforms Traditional Practicing and Teaching

Did you enjoy this webinar?Please complete our brief survey to help us improve our webinar series and continue to bring you the highest quality resources in piano teaching.

Teaching with Technology: New Tools For the Piano Studio

Did you enjoy this webinar? Please complete our brief survey to help us improve our webinar series and continue to bring you the highest quality resources in piano teaching.

DIGITAL-ONLY CONTENT: Online teaching: How I work with my students in Saudi Arabia

When I moved back to the United States after living in Saudi Arabia for fifteen years, I went from a full teaching studio of over 50 students along with a mentorship program to teaching a smaller number of students online.I had been teaching online students in the United States for several years while living in the middle east and now I was flippin...
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March/April 2018: Editor's Column

I admit it: technology has won a firm, long-lasting place in my heart. At present, I own two iPads, an iMac, an iPhone, a laptop, a music video camera, and a number of digital pianos. Other odds and ends of plug-in equipment and Bluetooth gadgets litter my home and studio. These are all completely necessary—or at ...
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Flipping piano classes and lessons with rich online video content

This is the ScreenFlow editing environment. Mario has captured the animated, on-screen keyboard as well as his own hands on a real keyboard. He has additionally added fingerings to the video using the annotation tools of ScreenFlow. Over the past several years, enrollment in my group piano classes at Stephen F. Austin State University has stea...
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Piano Teaching Programs Reviewed: eNovative Piano

eNovate Screenshot
Overview:Subscription-based; there are a range of price plans for individual students, individual teachers, and institutions Technology required—Internet- connected computer, phone, tablet, PDF reader, Adobe Flash Website—www.enovativepiano.com Customer support includes online tutorial videos  Pros:Excellent pedagogical approach ...
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Screens are the new stages: How mobile devices and computers are changing performance

Screens are the new stages: How mobile devices and computers are changing performance
What a great honor it was to be asked to write an article for this series about the future of piano teaching. I feel that so much has already been stated by a number of my colleagues, and of course I concur that we do not have to fear the future and technological change. As others have noted, adapting your teaching to continual changes in technolog...
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How do you use technology in your summer teaching?

from the series: ​Tomorrow Today: TechnologyGeorge Litterst, EditorSummer time is special. Family schedules lose the routine that is imposed by the school calendar, students float in and out of town, and everyone is in a different frame of mind. The circumstances that surround summer teaching challenge us to keep our students excited abou...
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How do you use technology in the study of advanced literature?

Working with advanced students is challenging for many reasons, not the least of which is the issue of time management. As the students become more advanced, they tend. outwork simultaneously on both longer pieces and a greater number of pieces. For this reason, lessons must take very efficient use of the available time. The last thing th...
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