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  • All times in ET.

    July 13 | Independent Music Teachers
    A Celebration of Modern Pedagogy
    Independent music teachers have demonstrated their dedication and resilience, finding ways to continue teaching and learning through the many challenges of the past year. This preconference day is designed to celebrate modern pedagogy, and the new trends emerging from the piano studio. The first half of the day includes a variety of topics including studio development, pedagogical strategies, and teaching technique. The second half of the day focuses on repertoire, exploring under represented composers and the Gillock Lyric Preludes. There are opportunities for discussion and dialogue, including an opportunity for attendees to share their favorite teaching pieces in a virtual recital.
    12:00-12:30pm | Opening Session
    Welcome & Presentation
    A Year of Experimentation: Piano Studio as a Place of Belonging, Engagement, and Ownership | Jihea Hong-Park
    Choose one from the following two presentations:
    12:30-1:20pm | Presentation
    Setting the Stage for Healthy Attitudes Toward Performance | Mary Brostrom Bloom and Adam Matlock
    12:30-1:20pm | Panel Presentation
    Panel on Rote Teaching | Anne Katherine Davis, Paula Dreyer, Julie Knerr, and Jason Sifford
    Choose one from the following two presentations:
    1:30-1:55pm | Presentation
    Green Screen, Eggs, and Ham: MacGyvered Music Classes for K-8 Remote Learning | Rachel D. Hahn
    1:30-1:55pm | Presentation
    Roll the Ball! The Use of Positional and Directional Words in Learning Wrist Motions | Ying Zhao
    2:00-2:25pm | Presentation
    Stunning Studio Spaces 101: Interior Design, Sound Design, and Organization Ideas for Your Teaching Studio | Christie Sowby
    2:30-3:00pm | Breakout Discussion
    Studio Stories | Moderated by Members of the Committee
    3:00-3:30pm | Interlude
    Repertoire Rarities: A Virtual Recital
    3:30-4:20pm | Presentation
    Let it Shine! Celebrating Piano Music by Black Composers | Aaron Mathews
    Choose one from the following two presentations:
    4:30-4:55pm | Presentation
    Raag-time: Incorporating Non-Western Musical Traditions | Omar Roy
    4:30-4:55pm | Presentation
    More Diverse Children’s Albums: Finding Variety in Teaching Literature | Angela Miller-Niles
    5:00-5:30pm | Breakout Discussion
    Repertoire Diversity Discussion | Moderated by Members of the Committee
    5:30-6:20pm | Lecture Recital
    Teaching the Gillock Lyric Preludes: An In-depth Analysis and Practical Guidelines | Marvin Blickenstaff, Rebecca Pennington, NSMS Faculty

    Schedule subject to change without notice.
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    July 14 | Teaching Adults
    Adult Students, The Now Frontier
    Learning to play the piano, resuming piano study or continuing to refine skills is becoming increasingly popular with adult students of all ages. As such, adding adult students can help piano teachers increase student numbers and add diversity and new opportunities to teaching schedules. Come explore new pandemic-era discoveries as well as tried and true ways to attract, retain, and meet the needs of this growing student population.
    12:00-1:00pm | Opening Session
    Welcome & Presentation
    The Question/Answer Cycle of Teaching Adults: Who are They? | Pamela Pike and Thomas Swenson
    1:00-1:30pm | Panel Presentation
    Why Teach Them? | Adult Students and Their Teachers
    1:30-2:15pm | Presentation
    How Do We Teach Adult Students?: Lesson Video Clips Part 1 | Mary Sallee
    2:15-2:30pm | Demonstration
    Real-Time Teaching Part 1 | Jackie Edwards-Henry and Sarah Moore
    2:30-2:50pm | Break
    Adult Student Slide Show
    2:50-3:00pm | Recital
    Adult Students Making Music
    3:00-4:00pm | Presentation
    How Do We Teach Adult Students in Groups? | Yeeseon Kwon, Debra Perez, and Mary Sallee
    4:00-4:45pm | Presentation
    How Do We Teach Adult Students? Lesson Video Clips Part 2 | Mary Sallee
    4:45-5:00pm | Demonstration
    Real-Time Teaching Part 2 | Jackie Edwards-Henry and Sarah Moore
    5:00-6:00pm | Social Hour
    “Cata-tonic,” Virtual Happy Hour

    Schedule subject to change without notice.
  • All times in ET.

    July 15 | Inclusive Teaching
    Inclusive Pedagogy—Practical Solutions for Achieving Positive Results
    Join us for a day-long celebration of the power of music as we explore all of what our special learners have to teach us about how they learn. Everyone in the learning community will find something of interest whether they are beginning work with special learners or have shared the joy of music making with special learners for many years. Learn and observe practical solutions for helping students navigate learning music reading, music counting, technique and artistry, ADHD, and behavioral challenges. Experience how a Music Therapy professional assists students and teachers in achieving success. Attend a live panel of parents who have sought out inclusive learning opportunities for their children. Enjoy interaction with teachers from around the country. This day will be a fast-paced and content-rich exploration of how students learn, the positive impact music lessons have on their lives, and how to help them achieve their full potential.
    12:00-12:50pm | Opening Session
    Welcome Presentation & Facilitated Discussion
    Undefined by Hearing Loss: My Career in Music | Cherisse Miller
    101 Follow Up to Undefined by Hearing Loss | Moderated by Scott Price
    1:00-1:50pm | Presentation & Facilitated Discussion
    Music, Autism, and ADHD: Successful Strategies and Resources for Music Educators | Jasmine Harry
    101 Follow Up to Music, Autism, and ADHD | Moderated by Derek Polischuk
    2:00-2:50pm | Panel Presentation
    Inclusive Parents: What Every Teacher Needs to Know | Panel of Parents, Moderated by Scott Price
    2:50-3:30pm | Break
    3:30-4:20pm | Presentation & Facilitated Discussion
    The Brain that Engages in Music is Changed by Engaging in Music | Michael Thaut
    101 Follow Up to The Brain that Engages in Music is Changed by Engaging in Music | Moderated by Derek Polischuk
    4:30-5:20pm | Presentation & Facilitated Discussion
    Perspectives on Music and Human Wellness: Stories from Hospice | Azusa Higotani
    101 Follow Up to Perspectives on Music and Human Wellness: Stories from Hospice | Moderated by Beth Bauer
    5:30-6:00pm | Presentation
    Keys to Autism: Out of the Box Techniques for Out of the Box Students | Connie Wibble
    6:00-7:00pm | Town Hall
    Inclusive Piano Teaching Panel | Presenters and Committee Members, Moderated by Melissa Martiros

    Schedule subject to change without notice.
  • All times in ET.

    July 16 | Young Musicians: Birth to Age 9
    Setting the Stage—Strategies for Developing Young Musicians
    Our incredible lineup of presenters promises to revitalize even the most experienced early childhood music specialists and teachers of young musicians. However, even if we don’t teach young children, the sessions All I Need to Know I Learned from Early Childhood Music and Music is Child’s Play demonstrate how understanding early childhood music can transform our teaching and performing. Valuable strategies for successfully transitioning students from early childhood music to study on an instrument will be experienced throughout the interactive sessions The Aural Underground and Movement for Musicianship. Similarly, seeing innovative aural-based activities for developing rhythm, tunefulness, and artistry during the Activity Share will give ideas for rejuvenating our teaching. To encourage connection and collaboration, we have included time for a Snack and Chat, Discuss and Dine, and Q&A panel From Floundering to Flourishing. We hope you will join us as we support one another in growing young musicians.
    12:00-1:00pm | Opening Session
    Welcome & Presentation
    All I Need to Know (about Teaching and Performing) I Learned from Early Childhood Music | Linda M. Fields
    1:05-2:00pm | Presentation
    Music is Child’s Play: Lessons Learned from My Youngest Student | Joy Morin
    2:00-2:30pm | Break
    Snack and Chat
    2:30-3:25pm | Interactive Workshop
    Movement for Musicianship – PreK and Beyond | Wendy Valerio
    3:35-4:05pm | Activity Share
    Moderated by Members of the Committee
    4:15-5:10pm | Interactive Workshop
    The Aural Underground: Laying the Ear-Brain-Body Foundation for a Lifetime of Piano Success | Amy Rucker
    5:10-6:00pm | Break
    Discuss and Dine
    6:00-6:50pm | Town Hall
    From Floundering to Flourishing! Q&A | Gregory Chase, Hannah Creviston, Linda Fields, Janna Olson, Amy Rucker, and Janet Tschida

    Schedule subject to change without notice.
  • All times in ET.

    July 17 | Creative Music Making
    Be a Masterful Pop Piano Teacher, from K-Pop to Songwriting
    We all teach pop, so let’s be great at it! This year, the Creative Track will present a day-long session on pop music, divided into two parts. In the first half, you’ll hear interactive lectures about how to use pop in the studio to encourage foundational musical skills, creative thinking, and performance mastery using examples ranging from BTS to Sara Bareilles to Elton John. In the second half, you’ll be writing your own song with guidance from twice Grammy-nominated music educator Shane Adams, a founding instructor of Berklee Online. An instructor at the Taylor Swift Education Center at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, Shane will give you the tools to help your creative students write better words and music in any popular style.
    12:00-1:00pm | Opening Session
    Welcome & Presentation
    What’s Pop Got to Do with It? Building Piano Skills with Today’s Music | Todd Van Kekerix
    1:00-1:25pm | Presentation
    Teaching Strategy for Making Creative Music using K-pop Melody in Piano Lessons | Sumi Kwon
    1:30-2:20pm | Presentation
    Bringing the Pop Back to Popular Music | Nicholas Lira and Bridget O'Leary
    2:30-3:00pm | Break
    3:00-6:00pm | Interactive Workshop
    Songwriting Custom Shop: Interactive Songwriting Masterclass with Grammy-Nominated Music Educator | Shane Adams

    Schedule subject to change without notice.
  • All times in ET.

    July 19 | Teacher Education in Higher Ed
    Join us for a two-part session dealing with aspects of microaggressions and bias experienced in the collegiate environment. The problem of microaggressions is of concern in many aspects of interpersonal interaction—we intend to direct our focus more narrowly here, with specific attention to issues that are of direct relevance in teacher training and professional life. We will begin with an extended exploration of microaggression focused against pedagogy specialists in the collegiate environment, with an introduction to microaggressions, followed by breakout sessions to explore microaggressions in the piano pedagogy environment.

    In the second half of our day, we will explore issues related to repertoire. A panel discussion will present concerns about the use of folk songs in the beginner and group piano curriculum. This will be followed by breakout discussions that explore problems of microaggressions, cultural appropriation and bias in the "canonic" repertoire for our instrument.

    We close with collaborative development of a call to action, so that committee, and its friends, can provide leadership to the field of teacher training.
    12:00pm | Welcome
    Part 1: Professional Microaggressions
    12:05-12:45pm | Presentation
    Why Do I Feel Like a Second-class Citizen? Microaggression in the Piano Pedagogy World | Michelle Conda
    12:45-1:30pm | Breakout Groups
    Case Studies Discussion 1 | Facilitated by Michelle Conda
    1:30-2:00pm | Breakout Groups
    Case Studies Discussion 2 | Facilitated by Michelle Conda
    2:00-2:15pm | Short Break
    Part 2: Repertoire Concerns
    2:15-3:00pm | Panel Presentation
    Rethinking Folk Songs | Jeriel Jorguenson, Natalia Vanegas Escobar, and John Patrick Murphy
    3:00-3:30pm | Breakout Groups
    Case Studies and Questions: Bias and Cultural Appropriation in the Literature | Moderated by Members of the Committee
    3:30-3:45pm | Short Break
    Part 3: Putting it Together
    3:45-4:30pm | Group Discussion
    Call to Action Statement | Moderated by Members of the Committee
    4:30-5:00pm | Closing Session
    Reporting and Synthesis, Wrap-Up, and Final Thoughts | Moderated by Members of the Committee
    5:00-6:00pm | Social Hour
    Committee on Teacher Education in Higher Ed Happy Hour

    Schedule subject to change without notice.
  • All times in ET.

    July 20 | Wellness
    All About YOU: How Superheroes Care for Themselves during Turbulent Times
    Over the past year, teachers have taken on the task of teaching virtually, which entails extra preparation time, learning how to use technology, and battling “Zoom fatigue.” The excessive screen time has resulted in long periods of sitting, vision fatigue, and even vocal stress for both teachers and students. While struggling with their own anxiety and fear, teachers have worked to help students stay motivated and make progress. Yet, when teachers themselves are suffering from depression, burnout, and fatigue, it can be difficult to show up as positive role models for their students. This pre-conference seminar addresses the mental and physical health of the teacher. William Westney will share how the physical enjoyment of playing the piano leads to personal “wellness,” while other topics will include teacher self-care, vocal health, physical fitness, yoga, parenting as a busy teacher, and how to return in a healthy way to performing after the pandemic.

    In between sessions, attendees can engage and dialogue with each other during the "mindful moments," facilitated by members of the Wellness committee.
    12:00-1:00pm | Opening Session
    Welcome & Presentation
    Luxuriant Piano Playing: A Wellness Philosophy and Practice | William Westney
    Mindful Moment with Paola Savvidou
    1:00-1:45pm | Panel Presentation
    What if You Came First?: Self-Care for Teachers in Turbulent Times | Laura Amoriello, Vanessa Cornett-Murtada, and Jessica Johnson
    Mindful Moment with Lesley McAllister
    1:55-2:20pm | Interactive Workshop
    “Piano Moves:” Body Mapping in the Piano Studio | Kay Hooper

    2:25-2:50pm | Interactive Workshop
    Voices-on: Speakeasy! | Rachael Gates
    Mindful Moment with Laura Amoriello
    3:00-3:30pm | Break
    3:30-4:20pm | Panel Presentation
    Parenting During the Pandemic: A Guide to Promote Wellbeing | Laura Amoriello, Sara Ernst, Andrea McAlister, Lesley McAllister, and Paola Savvidou
    Mindful Moment with Carina Joly
    4:30-4:55pm | Presentation
    The Athletic Pianist: Correlations between Healthy Piano Playing and Physical Fitness | Adam Mayon and Stephen Pierce

    5:00-5:45 | Panel Presentations
    Back to Stage: Sane and Sound Post-Pandemic | Laura Amoriello, Carina Joly, and Artina McCain
    Mindful Moment with Vanessa Cornett
    5:55-6:45pm | Presentation
    Mindful Movement: Applying Yogic Principles to Preschool, Adolescent, and Senior Music Lessons | Lesley McAllister

    6:45-7:00pm | Concluding Thoughts
    Moderated by Members of the Committee

    Schedule subject to change without notice.
  • All times in ET.

    July 21 | Research
    If you have always wondered why research is important, how it is relevant to everyday piano teaching, and which innovative ideas can be implemented right away, please join us! The Research Committee is pleased to present this preconference day beginning with an invited guest, Dr. Gilles Comeau, founder and director of the Piano Pedagogy Research Laboratory, University of Ottawa.
    12:00-1:00pm | Opening Session
    Welcome & Presentation
    Scientific Research: What Has That to Do with Piano Pedagogy | Gilles Comeau
    1:15-2:15pm | Panel Discussion
    Grace Choi, Pete Jutras, Cynthia Stephens-Himonides, and Margaret Young
    2:30-3:30pm | Student Spotlight Featuring Research In Progress
    Moderated by Joann Marie Kirchner
    Presented by Students of the Committee
    Viktoria Juganzon, Kingston University London
    Alyssa Cagle, University of Georgia
    Jeyeon Kim, Texas Tech University

    Schedule subject to change without notice.
  • All times in ET.

    July 22 | Diversity
    This year, NCKP welcomes a new Diversity Committee to foster engagement with leading scholars in the field who champion equitable practices in teaching, scholarship and performance. The Diversity Committee has created a dynamic preconference for its participants to explore, engage, and reflect. The day will center on two large areas in the pedagogy field: Building Anti-Racist Practices and Diversifying Piano Repertoire.
    12:00-1:30pm | Opening Session
    Welcome & Panel Discussion
    Building Anti-Racist Practices | Leah Claiborne, Diana Dumlavwalla, Franklin Larey, and William Chapman Nyaho, Moderated by Veena Kulkarni-Rankin
    Choose one from the following two presentations:
    1:30-1:55pm | Presentation
    Do I Belong Here? | Olivia Adams
    1:30-1:55pm | Presentation
    How To Tackle Cultural Appropriation In Piano Music | Holly Kessis
    2:00-2:30pm | Break
    2:30-4:00pm | Panel Discussion
    Piano Repertoire Around the World | William Chapman Nyaho, Minju Choi, Veena Kulkarni-Rankin, Artina McCain, Leah Claiborne, and Desiree Gonzalez-Miller
    Choose one from the following three presentations:
    4:00-4:50pm | Panel Presentation
    Creating Piano Recitals for a More Diverse Tomorrow | Penny Lazarus, Lynn Jones, Sue Ruby, and Sally Richie
    4:00-4:50pm | Panel Presentation
    Innovative Intermediate Music from Latin America | University of Memphis MTNA
    4:00-4:25pm | Lecture Recital
    Lift Every Voice: Diverse Contemporary Piano Compositions | Andrea Johnson
    5:00-5:30pm | Town Hall Reflection and Social Hour
    Moderated by Members of the Committee

    Schedule subject to change without notice.
  • All times in ET.

    July 23 | Collaborative Performance
    Collaboration Re-Imagined: A New Decade of Challenge, Evolution, and Growth
    The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact not only on our personal lives, but decimated many professional musicians’ work. For those who collaborate with each other, physical distancing has created massive shifts in how and whether our work could continue. Social justice movements have forced us to examine and question biases inherent in ourselves and our field.

    Despite these massive hurdles, collaborative pianists have been innovative in researching alternatives: from exploring low-latency platforms to recording tracks, creative solutions to the current conundrum were brainstormed. Some have re-invented themselves, finding new outlets for their passion. With these challenges came growth, and lessons learned and knowledge gained in this difficult process that undoubtedly will transform how we do things when life returns to “normal.”

    The collaborative track at the 2021 NCKP conference will highlight the impacts—positive and negative— that these events have on present and future collaborative music making.
    12:00-1:05pm | Opening Session
    Welcome & Facilitated Discussion
    Collaboration Re-Imagined: A New Decade of Challenge, Evolution, and Growth | Members of the Committee, Moderated by Alexandra Nguyen
    1:15-2:30pm | Panel Presentation and Town Hall Meeting
    Independent Entrepreneurship | Valerie Dueck, Christopher Foley, and Andrea Merrill, Moderated by Alexandra Nguyen
    2:30-3:00pm | Coffee Break and Social Time
    Moderated by Members of the Committee
    3:00-4:05pm | Presentation
    Artistic Digital Self-Representation | Spencer Myer and Joy Schreier
    4:05-4:30pm | Break
    4:30-5:20pm | Presentation
    Exploring the Music of Marginalized Composers | Dana Brown

    Schedule subject to change without notice.
  • All times in ET.

    July 24 | Latin America and the Iberian Peninsula
    This year, NCKP welcomes a new committee of pianists and pedagogues from Latin America and the Iberian Peninsula. The preconference schedule begins and ends with opportunities for round table discussion and social time in Spanish and Portuguese. The day includes a dynamic variety of presentations, in both languages, with an afternoon block of lecture recitals. In addition to this multilingual preconference day, the main conference will feature a Spanish-Portuguese Track. All of these multilingual offerings will feature English-language subtitles to encourage broad participation from the NCKP audience.

    Este año, NCKP le da la bienvenida a un nuevo comité de pianistas y pedagogos de América Latina y la Península Ibérica. La jornada comenzará y finalizará con una mesa redonda y una ocasión para conocerse tanto en español como en portugués. El día incluye una variedad de presentaciones dinámicas en ambos idiomas, con un bloque vespertino de recitales-conferencias. Además de esta jornada multilingüe, el congreso principal contará con una serie de sesiones en español y portugués.

    Este ano, a NCKP dá as boas-vindas a um novo comite de pianistas e pedagogos da América Latina e da Península Ibérica. A programação da pré-conferência começa e termina com oportunidades para discussão em mesas redondas e socialização em espanhol e português. O dia inclui uma variedade dinâmica de apresentações, em ambos os idiomas, com um período vespertino de recitais-palestras. Além deste dia de pré-conferência multilíngue, a conferência principal contará com uma categoria Espanhol-Português.
    10:00-11:00am | Welcome & Round Table Discussion
    Portuguese Track: Round Table Discussion on Latin American Composers
    Spanish Track: Round Table Discussion on Latin American Composers
    Moderated by Members of the Committee
    11:00-11:25am | Portuguese Track: Presentation
    O piano decolonizado: emancipando as práticas de ensino (Decolonized Piano: Emancipating Teaching Practices) | Bibiana Bragagnolo
    11:00-11:25am | Spanish Track: Presentation
    Un enfoque interdisciplinario para el desarrollo de la relación del cuerpo del pianista y su instrumento
    (An Interdisciplinary Approach to Developing the Relationship of the Pianist's Body and His Instrument) | Selva Ferrari
    11:30-11:55am | Portuguese Track: Presentation
    Distantes porém conectados: Ações práticas para manter o engajamento e humanizar as aulas online! (Distant but Connected: Practical Steps to Stay Engaged and Humanize Online Classes) | Daiane Raatz and Mirka da Pieva
    11:30-11:55am | Spanish Track: Presentation
    Mindfulness: una práctica necesaria para pianistas (Mindfulness: A Significant Practice to Pianists) | Yasmin Fainstein
    12:00-12:25pm | Portuguese Track: Presentation
    A obra pedagógica para piano da compositora brasileira Clarisse Leite (The Pedagogical Works for Piano by Brazilian Composer Clarisse Leite) | Iracele Vera Livero de Souza
    12:00-12:25pm | Spanish Track: Presentation
    Aspectos corporales, auditivos y emocionales en la interpretación (Corporal, Auditory, and Emotional Aspects in Musical Interpretation) | Mónica Zubczuk
    12:30-1:00pm | Break
    1:00-1:25pm | Lecture Recital
    Hermandad: Obras para Piano de Nadia y Lili Boulanger (Sisterhood: The Piano Works of Nadia and Lili Boulanger) | Jacqueline Petitto
    1:30-1:55pm | Lecture Recital
    Música brasileira para piano do século XXI: um mosaico interpretativo (21st-Century Brazilian Piano Music: An Interpretive Mosaic) | Lúcia Barrenechea
    2:00-2:25pm | Lecture Recital
    50 años en la obra para piano de Roberto García Morillo (50 Years in the Piano Works of Roberto García Morillo) | Elena Dabul
    2:30-2:55pm | Lecture Recital
    Estudo Op. 90 n.1 “Aux pieds d’Omphale ” de Arthur Napoleão: propostas de uma performance (Study Op. 90 No. 1 “Aux pieds d'Omphale” by Arthur Napoleão: Proposals for a Performance) | Daniel Sanches
    3:00-3:30pm | Break
    3:30-3:55pm | Portuguese Track: Presentation
    Ansiedade na performance musical: reflexões de estudantes de música a partir de vivências com Técnica Alexander e Meditação Mindfulness (Anxiety in Musical Performance: Reflections of Music Students from Experiences with Alexander Technique and Mindfulness Meditation) | Fernanda Zanon
    3:30-3:55pm | Spanish Track: Presentation
    Arriba!!: acompañando e improvisando en música popular latina (Arriba!!: Accompanying and Improvising in Latin Popular Music) | Julio Barreto
    4:00-4:25pm | Portuguese Track: Presentation
    Pedagogia Preventiva: Um projeto que começa com os professores (Preventive Pedagogy: A Project That Starts with Teachers) | Carina Joly
    4:00-4:25pm | Spanish Track: Presentation
    Mozart y su contexto histórico-musical: Lecciones desde el fortepiano (Mozart and Performance Practice: What the Fortepiano Can Teach Us) | Luis Sánchez
    4:30-4:55pm | Portuguese Track: Presentation
    Todo aluno é um artista! O trabalho artístico nos anos iniciais a partir das contribuições de Heinrich Neuhaus (Every Student is an Artist! Developing Artistry in the Earlier Years of Study, Heinrich Neuhaus’ Contributions) | Vicente Della Tonia and Claudia Fernanda Deltregia
    4:30-4:55pm | Spanish Track: Presentation
    Exploración de la audiación en estudiantes de piano profesional: acercamiento a las pedagogías de Gordon (Exploring Audiation in Professional Piano Students: An Approach to Gordon's Pedagogies) | Jackeline Gutierrez
    5:00-5:25pm | Presentation
    Luis Abraham Delgadillo: Un redescubrimiento de su música para piano a través de un enfoque pedagógico (Luis Abraham Delgadillo: A Rediscovery of His Piano Music through a Pedagogical Approach) | Fanarelia Guerrero Lopez
    5:30-5:55pm | Presentation
    La Caja de Herramientas: Alentando en aprendizaje independiente en estudiantes de piano de nivel básico e intermedio (The Toolbox: Encouraging Independent Learning in Beginner and Intermediate Piano Students) | Lorena Gonzalez Brougher
    6:00-6:25pm | Presentation
    Las grabaciones musicales en la enseñanza del piano: ¿Qué podemos aprender de ellas? (Musical recordings in piano teaching: What can we learn from them?) | Jorge Briceño González
    6:30-7:30pm | Social Hour
    Hosted by Members of the Committee

    Schedule subject to change without notice.
  • All times in ET.

    July 26 | Career Development and Innovation
    Launch, Accelerate, Thrive
    We are excited to present a preconference day of sessions that focus on topics essential to launching and sustaining a successful career for pianists and teachers in the 21st Century. Our sessions are geared towards three areas of focus: new and emerging professionals and students, life-long career development, and leadership and innovation. With each area of focus engaging two hours of presentations and workshops, participants are sure to leave the sessions with inspiration, ideas, and practical skills and knowledge to launch, accelerate, and thrive as professionals and leaders in the field.
    Part 1: New and Emerging Professionals and Students
    12:00pm-1:00pm | Panel Discussion
    Transitioning from College to Career | Sarah Buckley, Astrid Morales, Jani Parsons, Clinton Pratt, Allison Shinnick, and Trevor Thornton
    1:00-2:00pm | Panel Discussion
    Best Practices for Emerging Music Professionals | Astrid Morales, Jani Parsons, Clinton Pratt, Allison Shinnick, and Trevor Thornton
    2:00-2:30pm | Break
    Part 2: Career Development
    2:30-4:30pm | Panel Discussion
    Part A: Behind the Scenes: Stories from Different Career Phases
    Part B: Setting Yourself Up for Success: Tales of Intentional and Accidental Mentoring in Music
    Part C: What’s Around the Corner: Preparing New Skills for New Stages of Your Career
    Sarah Buckley, Kellie Cunningham, Leonard Hayes, Andy Villemez, and Meggie Young
    4:30-5:00pm | Break
    Part 3: Leadership and Innovation
    5:00-6:00pm | Panel Discussion
    Claiming Your Leadership Potential | Myron Brown, Fabiana Claure, Annie Jeng, and Jonathan Kuuskoski
    6:00-7:00pm | Panel Discussion
    Innovating Your Practice: From Idea to Pitch | Myron Brown, Fabiana Claure, Annie Jeng, and Jonathan Kuuskoski

    Schedule subject to change without notice.
  • All times in ET.

    July 27 | Technology
    Inspired Teaching with Technology in the Post-Pandemic World
    You have lived through the pandemic and found a way to keep the music alive. Cameras, video conferencing, MIDI keyboards, and music apps are no longer strangers to you or your students. Where do we go from here?
    Join the members of the NCKP Technology Committee and guest presenters as they explore intriguing ways to apply your new skills in the service of creative pedagogy and music performance.
    12:00-1:05pm | Opening Session
    Welcome & Introduction
    Building Community/Overcoming Distance: 2021 NCKP Virtual Piano Ensemble | Laura Silva with performance contributions from attendees
    Choose one from the following two presentations:
    1:00-2:00pm | Presentation
    Distantly Social: Creating Meaningful Virtual Recital Experiences for Students, Families, and Communities | Mario Ajero
    1:00-2:00pm | Presentation
    Creative Solutions for Using Orchestrated Accompaniments | Lori Frazer
    Choose one from the following two presentations:
    2:00-3:00pm | Presentation
    Remote Instruction and Young Beginners: A Little Bit of Technology, A Lot of Creativity! | Nicha Stapanukul and Timothy Stephenson
    2:00-3:00pm | Presentation
    Bringing Your Online Teaching to the Next Level: Using OBS Studio and Creative/Fun Activities | João Paulo Casarotti and Daiane Raatz
    3:00-4:00pm | Breakout Rooms with Lunch
    Dining with the Best! | NCKP Technology Committee
    Choose one from the following two presentations:
    4:00-4:30pm | Presentation
    Creating a "Snowball" Collaborative Recorded Ensemble | Lori Frazer
    4:00-4:30pm | Presentation
    Green Screen, Eggs, and Ham: MacGyvered Music Classes for K-8 Remote Learning | Rachel D. Hahn
    Choose one from the following two presentations:
    4:30-5:00pm | Presentation
    Better Video Performances from Your Students | Aaron Garner
    4:30-5:00pm | Presentation
    Constructing Semiotic Bridges through Multimedia Performances | Jonathan Scofield
    Choose one from the following two presentations:
    5:00-6:00pm | Presentation
    Google Drive Can Do All of That? | Michelle Sisler and Linda Christensen
    5:00-6:00pm | Interactive Workshop
    Fast, Clear, and Musical: How to Solve Issues of Sound and Synchronicity | João Paulo Casarotti, George Litterst, Stella Sick, and Kathleen Theisen
    6:00-7:00pm | Recital
    Geeks on Stage | Members of the Committee

    Schedule subject to change without notice.

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