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Please help us recognize and appreciate our generous supporters, without whom the COVID-19 response content would not be possible. 


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  • Acoustic & Digital Piano Buyer

    Acoustic & Digital Piano Buyer

    Piano Buyer, at, is an online resource devoted to consumer information about buying, selling, restoring, and maintaining acoustic and digital pianos. We publish instrument reviews, model-and-price listings, and how-to articles on every aspect of the subject.

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  • Bastien New Traditions: All In One Piano Course

    Bastien New Traditions: All In One Piano Course

    Bastien New Traditions has what you need for distance learning during this difficult time of Covid-19. Go to for 6 easy steps on how to get started. Thank you piano teachers, for inspiring us all during a time of crisis.

    Visit Website

  • Hal Leonard

    Hal Leonard

    Hal Leonard is the world’s leading music publisher of educational piano products and online platforms such as Noteflight and ArrangeMe for educators to post their own compositions for students. Visit and Hal Leonard Educational Piano on Facebook to keep in touch. We're here to help.

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    Steinway & Sons has always been an avid supporter of music education. Learn more about the Steinway Educational Partnership Program and receive a number of benefits and unique opportunities. Visit for more information. 

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  • Music Teachers National Association

    Music Teachers National Association

    Since 1876, MTNA has supported music teachers through times of crisis, including the current COVID-19 pandemic. To serve the community further, MTNA has compiled helpful resources to support your teaching practice during this unprecedented time. Visit to learn more.

    Visit Website

  • My Music Staff

    My Music Staff

    Teach online, schedule lessons, send invoices, collect payments and much more – all in one place! Music teachers and studio owners everywhere agree – My Music Staff makes it easy. Try the #1 studio management software today!

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  • Piano Marvel

    Piano Marvel

    Piano Marvel is an interactive teaching and assessment software built for everyone from beginners to professional pianists. It is an online piano teacher’s best friend; keeping students engaged and motivated with guided practice tools and regularly issued challenges and contests.

    Visit Website

  • The Royal Conservatory of Music

    The Royal Conservatory of Music

    In need of home teaching resources? The RCM Digital Learning Tools are here for you. The RCM’s online learning suite provides you with tools to teach your students from home. Explore tools including, Ear Training, Theory, and more, and Piano Teacher Courses for professional development.

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  • The University of Oklahoma

    The University of Oklahoma

    Explore your potential at the University of Oklahoma's Piano Pedagogy program, which offers performing, teaching, enriching experiences, professional success, networking, lifelong relationships, technology, and inspiring faculty. Degress available: BM, MM, MME, DMA, and PhD with emphasis on Piano Pedagogy.

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  • TimeWarp Technologies

    TimeWarp Technologies

    TimeWarp Technologies produces unique music apps that inspire transformative music learning and performance experiences: SuperScore Music (interactive musical scores), Internet MIDI (connecting pianos over the Internet), Classroom Maestro (an electronic musical “blackboard”), and Home Concert Xtreme (interactive MIDI file player). Learn more at

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  • University of St. Thomas

    University of St. Thomas

    Online summer graduate courses in Keyboard Literature (3 credits, June 22-July 31) and Performance Anxiety Management for Musicians (1 credit, June 29-July 2) with Dr. Vanessa Cornett. Certificate in Piano Pedagogy and M.A. in Music Education – Piano Pedagogy programs available.

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  • E-Z Notes

    "The visual tools have made a huge difference in communicating concepts while teaching online. Demonstrations happen on my piano, but the E-Z Notes magnetic staff board and keyboard stickers are great for retention checks." Lauren H, NC teacher

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    Proudly brings you the piano music of René Joseph “Your compositions have met with great success.”—Prof. Abbey Simon (Juilliard)

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  • Music for Young Children

    MYC proudly supports our teachers, many teaching online, as they continue to provide the best quality music education for young children. Find out more:

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  • is an online music teachers conference available year-round. Recent COVID-19 response sessions now available for replay. 

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    Piano Street offers a variety of resources and inspiration for pianists, teachers and students. The unique “Instructive Editions” are very helpful when teaching online.

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  • The Well-Balanced Pianist

    We combine musicianship, bodywork, the Taubman Approach, mindset, and pedagogy to help pianists improve practice, performance, teaching, and enjoyment, in a supportive community.

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  • Want to Support?

    If you are interested in having your organization listed here, please contact Anna Beth Rucker at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


A special thank you to the individuals who have donated financially to help us continue providing much-needed resources. Donate at to have your name added to the list.
Anonymous Donors
Michelle Aalders
Martha Ahern
Dennis Alexander
Monica Allen
Melodie Archer
Stephanie Ashurst
Lynda Baechler
Martha Baker-Jordan
Susanne Baker
Wendy Balder
Barbara V. Watson Charitable Fund
Lynette Barney
Jean Barr
Christine and Michael Bates;
- Christine and Michael Bates Family Trust
Gail Berenson
Patricia Bissell
Joan Blench
Marvin Blickenstaff
Mary Bloom
Cheryl Braun
Ellen Brown
Roberta Brown
Alice Browne
Grace Bunday
Carina Busch
Elizabeth Caluda
Deborah Campanaro
Dominique Caplier
Tina Carter
Sally Cathcart
Esther Chan
Chi Wang Chang
Bill Chapin; Chapin Jazz Studio
Yvonne Chen
Sony Cherukara
Martha Child
Vivian Ching
Sophia Chuang
Jennifer Cohen
Barbara Collins
Nancy Cooper
Vanessa Cornett
Sandra Coryell
Dixie Cramer
Kellie Cunningham
Linda Dahlstrom
Manish Dalmia
Elizabeth Davis
Lori Dawkins
Lisa DeBellevue
Janel Dennen
Barbara DeRussel
Jo Ellen DeVilbiss
Lauren Di
Martha Dorrill
Geoffrey Duce
Ann DuHamel
Mary Duncan
Sara Early
Karin Edwards
Yukiko Egozy
Stacy Fahrion
Linda Fields
Nancy Fletcher
Andrew Flickner; Back to Rock Carmel
Rick Foss
Cydnie Fox
Kathy Fries
Louise Frye
Sylvia Furash
Barbara Furr
Joanne Gabel
Andrea Gardner
Nancy Gilbert
Barbara Gill
Ann Gipson
Sharon Girard
Lisa Gonzalez
Jody Graves
Linda Gregory
Pam Grimer
Helen Grosshans
Junia Haas
Terri Halloran
Kevin Hampton
Peter Harisiades
Mary Harper
Carole Havens
Esther Hayter
Russell Hirshfield
Andrew Hisey
James Hohmeyer
Verna Holley
Joy Hood
Margaret Hoover
Maria Horvath
Carolyn Houck
Carole Houghton
Charlene Hubbard
Jill Hudson
LiPing Hudson
Constance Hughes
Srebrenka Igrec
Rosemary Isbell-Hendrickson
Kathleen Isberg
Linda Jackson
Maria Jacobsen
Judith Jain
Ajit Jassal
Jessica Johnson
Rebecca Johnson
Angela Jones
Fred Karpoff; Entrada Piano Technique
Aarne Kela
Keyes Kelly
Linda Kennedy
Kim Kent
Paul Kenyon
Duong Khuc
Mitch Kleiman
Kristine Konrad
Wendy Kuo; Orpheus Music Academy
Deborah Lagomarsino
Gail Lange
Karen Larvick
Debra Laundrie
Shu-Jung Lee
Rebecca Lewis
Claudia Libero
Sally Licocci
Mei-Yu Lin
Paula Lin
Tracy Linstrom
George Litterst
Maria Lonchyna-Lisowsky
Alice Ma
Mary Majerus
Betty Mak
Wanda Mandigo
Sharon Marble
Beth Marquardt
Anne Marsan-Cook
Ursula Matlock
Aaron Matthews
Mary Matthews
Andrea McAlister
Karen McClellan
Jean McEntire
Doreen McGowan
Lauren McInnes; Play and Sing Music Studio
Stephanie Mercer
Nancy Merkel
Esequiel Meza
Margaret Mikhno
Elizabeth Moak
Nancy Modell
David R. Montaño
Nancy Morgan
Susanne Murphy
Ruth Myrick
Nazila Nekoorad
Mary Nelson
Suzanne Newcomb
Peggy Newhall
Q.D. Nguyen
Susan Nicholas
Peter Nicholls
Jerri Niver
IClare O'Meara
Evelyn Onciul
Leslie Owsley
Lois Owsley
Linda Parr
Anne Patterson
Rebecca Pennington
Rose Peterson
Nicholas Phillips
Pamela Pike
Pauline Potter
Scott Price
Karen Raizen
Twinkle Ratnasamy
Debbie Renton
Eileen Ringel; Kennebec Piano Studio
Angela Rose; Rose Piano Studio
Sarah Roy
Anna Beth Rucker
Annie Rueff
Margaret Runaas
Heidi Saario
Carol Salas
Craig Sale
Dylan Savage
Kaye Schimnich
Elizabeth Schlegel
Diana Schmuck
Jacqueline Schreck
Sonya Schumann
Megan Shannon
Carol Sharp
Judith Sherman
Allison Shinnick
Jeanine Skinner; Music Academy South
Heather Smith
Mary Smith
Jennifer Snow
Edward Soehnlen
Martina Sommerer
Susan Sophocleus
Melanie Squires
Ronda Srague; Room 2 Music
Arlene Steffen
Melanie Stein
Melody Stroth
Linda Strouf
Janice Sullivan
Kimberly Sundell
Lois Svard
Karin Swanson
Shirley Tai
Manabu Takasawa
Gabrielle Tee
Terry Tennes
Karen Thickstun
Mary Tollefson
Sandy Triplett
Diana Tritapoe
Janet Tschida
Beth Turco
Glenn Utsch
Sheila Vail
Corrine Van Dyke
Todd Van Kekerix
Susan Van Sickle
Liberty Vorvis; Liberty Music
Yanting Wang
Janice Wenger
Karen White
Samuel Whitesell
Joyce Williams
Faye Wilson
Glenda Winkle-Morrow
Lisa Withers
Lynn Worcester
Mark Worcester
Kim Wright
Carla Wyatt
Anny Yin
Marcia Yurko
Toni Zavatson
Ying Zhao
*This list reflects donations made to the Frances Clark Center from September 1, 2019 through April 17, 2020. Donations made after April 17 will be acknowledged in an upcoming issue of the Piano Magazine. If your name has been inadvertently omitted, please contact us. Donate today at
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