Suzanne Schons, PhD, NCTM, is the music editor at The Piano Magazine. She teaches music courses at the University of St. Thomas and piano lessons at K&S Conservatory of Music in Minnesota.

Autumn 2020: New Music and Materials

(S3) SAPLINGS: 21 INTERMEDIATE PIANO SOLOS published by Red Leaf Pianoworks  While presenting at and attending the Canadian Music Teachers Conference last summer in Winnipeg, I was introduced to a new collection hot off the press called Saplings. This collection is written with the intermediate pianist in mind and features eleven Canadian...

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Teaching with My Music Staff During COVID-19

A lifeline for many teachers during their sudden change- over into online teaching has been the exchanges on various social media forums of teachers generously sharing their tips, ideas, and experiences. A frequent recommendationI have seen mentioned for getting organized and teaching online during COVID-19 has been the web-based studio management ...

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Spring 2020: New Music & Materials


Dennis Alexander's Concertino for the Young is an attractive and engaging solo with piano accompaniment that closely mimics classical concerto style. This work, accessible for a later-elementary piano student, is written in typical concerto form with fast first and third movements and a slow second movement. Traditional concerto elements also inclu...

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Winter 2020: New Music & Materials Reviews

(S4) TOCCATA "HYGAGAN," OPUS 229by Dianne Goolkasian Rahbee From the FJH Contemporary Keyboard Sheets, Toccata "Hygagan" by Dianne Goolkasian Rahbee is an engaging and virtuosic late-intermediate piano solo.Born in Massachusetts, Rahbee is a first-generation Armenian American. She was a piano major at Juilliard, and a self-taught composer who ...

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Autumn 2019: New Music & Materials

(S4-5) PIANO PIECES by Otilie Suková Very little is known about the composer Otilie Suková (1878–1905), yet a great deal is known about her famous father, Antonín Dvorák. Nonetheless, Bärenreiter Urtext has presented pianists with a gem: a collection of four short piano pieces by this relatively unknown composer. The p...

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Brain and Learning Myth Busters!

Good teachers want to help students learn as efficiently and effectively as they can. Unfortunately, misconceptions about the brain and learning are rife in education (not to mention corporate training programs and late-night infomercials promising to unleash 90% more brain power), which can cause confusion, waste valuable time and financial resour...

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Summer 2019: Book Reviews

Review by Ann DuHamelDebussy's Paris: Piano Portraits of the Belle Époque, by Catherine Kautsky.  The first time I heard Professor Catherine Kautsky speak at a conference, I was utterly entranced: she gave a captivating, lively, and energetic session that I still remember years later. Her enthusiasm for French music was palpable, and she provi...

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Summer 2019: New Music and Materials

(S2) Bastien New Traditions All In One Piano Course, 2B, 3A, 3B, by Lisa, Lori, and Jane Bastien. In a grand family tradition, these materials continue the recently published Bastien New Traditions All In One Piano Course by Lisa, Lori, and Jane Bastien. As with the first five levels in the new series (Primer A through 2A), Lessons, Theory, Techniq...

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Spring 2019 Pupil Saver: Muzio Yankee van Doodle?

What do you get when you combine an American folk tune with eighteenth century quintessential Classical style? "Yankee Doodle arranged as a Rondo" by American composer Benjamin Carr! Carr was British-born, but moved to the United States in 1793 and made his home in Philadelphia. Students often think of eighteenth-century Western music as something ...

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Spring 2019: New Music Reviews

 (S1-3) Imaginations Books 1 and 2, by Kevin Olson.  Kevin Olson has a knack for creating fresh and original sounds at every teaching level. While incorporating the reading, rhythmic, and technical skills needed to advance the piano student, Imaginations offers a wide variety of appealing pieces. With titles like "Android Attack," "Pengui...

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