Writing for Clavier Companion

Clavier Companion solicits much of its content, but we do also review and publish unsolicited manuscripts.

If you are interested in being contacted to contribute short teaching tips and ideas for one of our articles, please e-mail editor@claviercompanion.com. Include a brief description of your teaching experience and the topics/areas you would be most interested in commenting on.


If you wish to submit a manuscript for consideration, please review the following guidelines.

  • Clavier Companion seeks to provide practical, useful articles for our readers. We are most interested in articles that provide practical solutions to everyday problems of teaching, practicing, and performing.
  • Articles should range from 1,500 to 2,000 words in length. Photos, illustrations, and musical examples are encouraged. Permission must be obtained for any personal images and any musical examples currently under copyright. The editors of Clavier Companion can assist with this process.
  • Clavier Companion will not consider manuscripts that are currently under consideration by another publication, or manuscripts that have been previously published.
  • Manuscripts must be sent as Microsoft Word documents and can be e-mailed to editor@claviercompanion.com. Receipt will be acknowledged.
  • All manuscripts will be considered for publication by Clavier Companion’s editors. This process typically takes 2-4 months. Authors will be notified at the conclusion of the review process.
  • Authors of manuscripts that are accepted for publication must complete the Clavier Companion writer’s agreement and acknowledge the Clavier Companion plagiarism policy.


Clavier Companion Writer's Agreement


Clavier Companion Plagiarism Policy