Annual Fund

 This year, we are launching an annual fund to help support and sustain the mission and work of Clavier Companion. I’d like to draw your attention to this campaign and encourage you to consider making a gift.

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As a subscriber, you already do a great deal to support the magazine, and we extend our gratitude and appreciation for your support. We have an extremely loyal and passionate base of subscribers, and your energy and devotion make the magazine the exciting forum that it is.

Producing a print and web magazine is a challenging business, particularly for a non-profit organization, and we have found that we are limited in what we can do to fulfill our mission of providing the best writing, ideas, and content in the field of piano pedagogy. In particular, we would like to expand our efforts to reach new subscribers and let people know about the magazine, and we would like to further develop our web presence and add more areas of content and interest to the magazine. Starting an annual fund is the first step in a multipart campaign we are launching to generate resources to fulfill these needs.

As I write this column, our local NPR station is in the midst of one of its semi-annual fundraising campaigns. While the interruptions of these campaigns have always seemed annoying to me, I am gaining a newfound appreciation for their need. Like National Public Radio, we feel that Clavier Companion is a high quality product that is valuable to its subscribers. Like NPR, we need support to continue to maintain the quality of our product.

Donations of any size are welcomed, and all gifts are tax-deductible.

If you wish to donate by mail, please mail a check or your credit card information (number, expiration, security code, and signature) to:

Clavier Companion Annual Fund
P.O. Box 651
Kingston, NJ  08528

You may also donate by calling            1-800-824-5087      

If you would like to support the magazine in a non-financial way, we are always looking for people to help spread the word about what we do. Word of mouth remains the most powerful form of advertising, and if you believe in the magazine, your colleagues will listen to what you have to say. These efforts are always appreciated, and if you would like any specific support in spreading the word, please write to us at If you would like to mention the magazine at a local association meeting, state conference, festival, or other venue, we may be able to provide a limited number of copies for distribution, along with subscription order cards. As always, we extend our thanks to you, the reader, for your continued devotion and support.

- Pete Jutras, Editor-in-Chief