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Getting the Most Out of Clavier Companion With Your Piano Pedagogy Class

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Created on Friday, 22 February 2013 21:24

With my undergraduate pedagogy students, I have always made sure that they are aware of magazines that deal with piano and piano pedagogy. Over the years I have always required a report on each of these publications. I would usually loan students a copy from my personal library. In recent years I began to require a print subscription to Clavier Companion, usually through a group subscription. This last year I required students to subscribe to the digital edition — partly to save them money, partly to get their reaction to this 21st century medium for publication.

For their reports, they were asked to:

  • Describe the layout of the magazine/website (Always good pedagogy to start with the whole and then proceed to the parts!)
  • Summarize and discuss at least two complete articles (This portion gets the student to focus on topics specific to teaching.)
  • List products they saw advertised of which they were not aware (This always reveals a lot about the student’s exposure to the pedagogical marketplace.)
  • List any advertising links they explored

Mobile Apps for Group Instruction

Category: ThePianoMag Blog
Created on Wednesday, 19 September 2012 13:08

You probably already know that mobile computing devices—such as iPad, Kindle Fire, and other tablets and smart phones—offer a lot of functionality for the educator who teaches either individual lessons or groups of students. At this point in time, there are lots of educational apps available, from metronomes to flash cards, to full-blown MIDI programs.

I am starting this series by discussing mobile apps that can be used in a classroom or other group situations and expect to devote the next several blog installments to this topic. Eventually I’ll move on to individual lessons and public performance.

Which Mobile Device Should I Get for Group Instruction?

In a group situation, you will get the most functionality out of a large tablet. A large tablet has much more screen real estate than a smart phone or an iPod touch. For this reason, the apps are easier to use and tend to be more sophisticated.

Which tablet should you buy?