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Getting the Most Out of Clavier Companion With Your Piano Pedagogy Class

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Created on Friday, 22 February 2013 21:24

With my undergraduate pedagogy students, I have always made sure that they are aware of magazines that deal with piano and piano pedagogy. Over the years I have always required a report on each of these publications. I would usually loan students a copy from my personal library. In recent years I began to require a print subscription to Clavier Companion, usually through a group subscription. This last year I required students to subscribe to the digital edition — partly to save them money, partly to get their reaction to this 21st century medium for publication.

For their reports, they were asked to:

  • Describe the layout of the magazine/website (Always good pedagogy to start with the whole and then proceed to the parts!)
  • Summarize and discuss at least two complete articles (This portion gets the student to focus on topics specific to teaching.)
  • List products they saw advertised of which they were not aware (This always reveals a lot about the student’s exposure to the pedagogical marketplace.)
  • List any advertising links they explored