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A Conversation with Carol Montparker

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Created on Tuesday, 22 January 2013 14:18

Carol Montparker's A Pianist's Journal in Venice is the featured book in the January/February 2013 installment of Susan Geffen's column Closer look. In this post, Susan follows up with the author to learn more. 

SG: Carol, we are delighted to have you share your insights on our website.

You mention in your book, A Pianist’s Journal in Venice, that you are “a pianist who loves to paint.” When did you discover your love—not only for music—but for art as well?

CM: It all goes back so far, who can remember!? I am told I toddled over to my grandfather’s piano to pick out tunes when I was three, and I have been drawing and painting all my life. But it was not until my late teens, perhaps, that I realized to what extent each art nourishes the other, and how much both of them nourished me. My late great teacher, Leopold Mittman, was a wonderful painter as well as pianist, and he even took me to museums, deepening my appreciation of all the arts.