New Piano Teaching Gems You Will Want to Explore

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Having taught piano for 25 years, I have never really been totally satisfied with the materials out there, especially for adults. That’s why I was thrilled when my inspiring colleague Christine Cacioppo decided to create a new method book for adults that is unlike any other. She, too, had been teaching adults and saw the potential for improvement.

The book Christine created and now sells on Amazon, Classic Piano for the Adult Beginner, uniquely combines 3 entire books into one – in a unique way I have never seen in a piano teaching book: Part 1 is a detailed and thorough instructional method, which is followed nicely by Part 2, a collection of selected and edited compositions, some of which you have seen in other places in the literature, but appear in this book with better markings and improved indications for fingerings. Part 3 is a gold mine, even to that adult student who once upon a time took lessons as a child. It’s an annotated listening guide that includes history of the keyboard and the major piano composers – incredible photos of them included! She made sure to write about the jazz greats as well.

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Classic Piano for the Adult Beginner includes explanatory text, finger exercises, and musical examples appearing in a succinct yet smooth sequence. Christine explains musical terms, teaches rhythm and gives us exercises and worksheets that really help the student gain the new skills, then the pieces help the student to practice those new skills. The repertoire anthology is truly delightful, with 48 original elementary to intermediate compositions by composers we love. The discography includes famous pianists to explore via recordings or YouTube. This book is ideal for any adult beginner who wants to read and play, and also appreciates the beauty of the classics, but also great for the adult who studied as a child and are seeking to revive their dormant piano skills. It has the capacity to revolutionize adult piano teaching, whether private or class settings and I recommend it wholeheartedly to everyone teaching beginner adults, high school or college students.

Christine has also compiled an excellent two volume series called Treasures from the Piano Bench. This outstanding series is packed with a superb succession of pieces, some well-known and some obscure, all definitely treasures, aptly titled. The pieces are well marked with dynamics and fingerings. They’re ordered from easy to intermediate (Vol 1) to advanced intermediate (Vol 2).

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The price of these books are surprising, because books nearly two hundred pages with so much material are normally expensive. Her prices are very reasonable for books that can last. If you want to see more about her books before buying them on Amazon or from her website, go to