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Are you using technology in your piano lessons? 1990, 1-1 Marguerite Miller
Why do you like the new keyboard technology? 1990, 1-2 Marguerite Miller, Virginia Campbell, John Robert Poe, Connie Meyers, Jane and Jim Rowat, Delma Schlabach, Georgianna Baker, Jennifer Gress and Jenny Urice, Willard Palmer
How did you integrate technology into your traditional teaching? 1990, 1-3 Mary Gae George, Joyce Templeman, Karen Unrau, Paul Sheftel, Jeffrey Lavner
How did you choose and pay for the technology in your studio? 1990, 1-4 Blair Penney, Mary Sue Harris, Dawn Miller
How did you prepare parents for the new technology? 1991, 2-1 Nancy Cree, Laurel Tiger, Larry Rast
How does technology enhance your traditional approach to teaching? 1991, 2-2 Martha Appleby, Susan Ogilvy, Judy Plagge
What is your favorite piece of technology and how do you use it? 1991, 2-3 Claudia McCain, Mary Jo Kurtz, Sam Holland, Michael Maudlin
How do you include technology in your recitals? 1991, 2-4 Paul Sheftel, Kathleen Cizewski, Linda Clary
What is your favorite use of computers in your studio? 1992, 3-1 Sharon Lohse Kunitz, Judith Bowman, Barbara Woods
How do you use technology with intermediate students? 1992, 3-2 Dorothy H. Lucas, Barbara Woods, Marjorie J. Brundage
What technology do you have at home and how do you use it? 1992, 3-3 6 students—Galen Weitkamp, Bree Russell, Robin Brown, Darren Forman, Mike Colby, Eric T. Hermanson
Do you plan special summer activities using technology for your students? 1992, 3-4 Dawn Miller, Mary Sue Harris, Linda Stump
Are you a victim of misguided MIDI misinformation? 1993, 4-1 R.G. Rhoades, Jeanine Jacobson
How do you use the new technology in group teaching? 1993, 4-2 Rachel Kramer, Mayron Cole, Robert Pace
What special tips do you have for preparing multi-keyboard ensembles? 1993, 4-3 Maude Ogle, Annette Joe, R. Fred Kern
How do you use a sequencer to prepare your own practice/performance disks? 1993, 4-4 Laurel Tiger, Andrea Stennett
How do you use new technology in teaching improvisation? 1994, 5-1 Stewart Gordon, Becky McIlvaine, Steve Betts
What is the new monster concert? 1994, 5-2 Marguerite Miller
How does technology enhance theme recitals? 1994, 5-3 Brianna Kelly, Sharon Elliot Cheek, Maude Ogle
What is the new monster concert? Part II 1994, 5-4 Paul Taylor, Ruth Chown
Does practice on a digital keyboard in the early years of study prevent a student from becoming a good pianist? Part I 1995, 6-1 Barbara English Maris, Stewart Gordon, Paul C. Pollei, Marvin Blickenstaff
Does practice on a digital keyboard in the early years of study prevent a student from becoming a good pianist? Part II 1995, 6-2 Louise Goss, Margaret Lorince, James Lyke
Krista, Laura, Debra—Who are they? Why should we care? 1995, 6-3 Laura Hamm, Debra Patton Millspaugh
Multimedia—what is it and how do you use it? 1995, 6-4 Barbara Woods, Helen Smith Tarchalski, Sandra Bowen
The Net: What does it do for me, and how do I use it? 1996, 7-1 Robert Marler, Lynn Purse, Alan Crane, RPT
What do you see in your crystal ball? 1996, 7-2 Paul Sheftel, Suzanne Guy, Kenon D. Renfrow
IBM or Mac—which do you use? 1996, 7-3 Sandra Bowen, Helen Smith, Tarchalski, Jane Magrath, Larry Harms
Do you want an elementary student to use a digital keyboard for home practice? 1996, 7-4 Judy Plagge, M'Lou Dietzer, Virginia Houser, Sandra Bowen
Why me? 1997, 8-1 Sandra Bowen
What is the biggest challenge facing you in your electronic studio? 1997, 8-2 Carolyn Queener, Jeanne Dickson Patterson, Susan Farmer
How do you set up a dynamic technology curriculum for your students? 1997, 8-3 Sandra Bowen, Regina Roper-Waldee, Tobizena Brown Williams
How do you know your investment is earning its keep? 1997, 8-4 Scott Lippoldt, Pat Gary, Joanne Gabel
How do you use technology to fashion an exciting summer project? 1998, 9-1 Andrea Stennet, Terry Capps, Mary Lou Iverson
If you had to limit your software library to three titles, what would they be? 1998, 9-2 Nancy Ostromencki, Polly Shaw Feitzinger, Dan Severino
Orchestra in a box—How do you use your Roland MT200 or Yamaha DOU10? 1998, 9-3 Regina Roper-Waldee, Linda Dale Kennedy, Jammie Wileman
Of all the things you have done mixing technology and kids, what activity has been the most productive? 1998, 9-4 Kathy Loh, Carol Thompkins, Polly Ann Tyrer-Ferraro, Sharon Lohse Kunitz
How do you know your students are learning under those headphones? 1999, 10-1 Diane Volkman, Judith S. Siegel, Cynthia Benson
What can the internet do for piano teachers? 1999, 10-2 Kimberly Watson, John M. Ziegler/Nancy L. Ostromencki, Steve Clark
How do you use technology to teach music appreciation and music history? 1999, 10-3 Lynda Alexander, Ann Puckett, Eileen Knox
What advice would you give your colleagues who want to start using technology?  1999, 10-4 Sandra Bowen, Carol Thompkins, Regina Roper, Dan Severino
How do you use technology in planning and executing your summer camps? 2000, 11-1 Shana Kirk, Katie Evilsizer, Sharon Kunitz
How do you use technology to help students with special learning needs? 2000, 11-2 Mary Kay Archuleta
How do you use notation software to improve your students' reading skills? 2000, 11-3 Gail Fischler, Maura Hall, Linda Kennedy, Bobbie Rastall
What is a "CD Burner" and why does my studio need one? 2001, 12-1 Sandra Bowen, Kelly Demoline
How has technology affected your ideas about music-making and teaching? 2001, 12-2 Samuel S. Holland
What technologies would you like to see improved or invented for use in your studio? 2001, 12-3 Laura Beauchamp, Linda Christensen, Susan W. Flinn
In what order would you suggest that a new teacher acquire and integrate technology into his/her studio? 2001, 12-4 Michelle Gordon, Shana Kirk, Eularee Smith
What new technologies do you suggest that your students incorporate into their practice? 2002, 13-1 George Litterst
What can you accomplish with your students using a new technology that you could not accomplish previously?  2002, 13-2 Jennifer K. DeBrosse, Ellen Johansen, Kathleen Maskell
How do you take advantage of the Internet in your teaching?  2002, 13-3 Sara Hagan, Christine Hermanson, Nancy Weckworth
Do you accept a digital piano as a substitute for an acoustic piano?  2002, 13-4 Virginia Campbell, Jane Hastay, Amy Rose Immerman
How should music technology companies improve their products?  2003, 14-1 Alejandro Cremaschi, Elizabeth Ann Reed, Carol Thompkins
How do you use music technology for ensemble practice and performance?  2003, 14-2 Susan W. Flinn, Shana Kirk, Kathleen Maskell
How do you use music technology for sight-reading?  2003, 14-3 Michelle Gordon, Sara Hagen, Lori Rhoden
How do you use music technology to teach improvisation?  2003, 14-4 Susan Capestro, Ratko Delorko
How do you use music technology to teach composition? 2004, 15-1 Nancy Davis, Linda Dale Kennedy, Jason Sifford
How do you recover the costs of your technology-related equipment?  2004, 15-2 Bobbie Rastall
How did you get started with technology in your studio? 2004, 15-3 Susan W. Flinn, Michelle Gordon
How do you use technology in student recitals and competitions? 2004, 15-4 Luke Bartolomeo, Shelley R. Reeves
How do you use technology for summer camps and special summer activities?  2005, 16-1 Jennifer DeBrosse, Kathy Maskell, Lynette Schwane
How do you use technology to facilitate cooperative learning?  2005, 16-2 Linda Christensen, Nancy Davis, Priscilla Heffield
How do you get help when you have problems with technology? 2005, 16-3 Sam Ecoff, Robert Klamka, Shana Kirk
How do you use digital video in your teaching? 2005, 16-4 Mario Ajero, Paul Sheftel
How do you use technology to organize and manage your studio? 2006, 17-1 George Litterst
How do you use technology to teach rhythm? 2006, 17-2 Sara Hagan, Michelle Sissler
How do you use technology with adults? 2006, 17-3 Amy Rose Immerman, Shana Kirk
How do you use technology to teach piano concerti? 2006, 17-4 Nancy Davis, Ratko Delorko, Linda Dale Kennedy

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